Southern Maryland Ham Shack Pictures...

How some of your fellow amateur radio operators set up their equipment

View of Coast Guard Auxiliary Radio - Cove Point, Maryland
(submitted by John Johnson, WA3ZGD)


View of WA3ZGD's ham shack in Hollywood, Maryland


W1JD in his basement ham shack in Charlotte Hall, Maryland


View of Jim Smith's (KB3PMQ) closet ham shack  

(This is a way to enjoy your hobby when space is limited)


Partial view of WA3UMY/WA3UJV ham shack in Lexington Park, Maryland


Terrie (WA3UJV) at the controls


Pete (WA3UMY) gets his turn


Sam (K3KLC) broadcasting from the woods...
(that microphone costs more than the radio!)


K3KLC Main Operating Position - includes HF, 2M FM and Marine Radio


K3KLC VoIP Station (Echolink / Speak Freely / QSONet)


K3KLC Echolink Dish in backyard (yep, it's RF so it must be radio!)


KG3BOZ at the controls of his modern digital ham station (4 January 2009)


KG3BOZ Ham Radio Deluxe PSK display (4 January 2009)



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